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Tuckerton Railroad.org is the web home of the Jersey Shore Live Steam Organization.

We are having some technical problems with our website, please go to our Facebook page for all current updates to our organization : https://www.facebook.com/#!/JSLSTRR
Thank you very much for all of your support.

Jersey Shore Live Steam is in the process of recreating the original lines of the Tuckerton Railroad in 1 1/2 inch scale Live Steam. We currently have 3500 feet of rail laid down in the park. Partnered with Bass River Township we are developing this project in a 65 acre park located in the historic "Village of New Gretna".
Jersey Shore Live Steam is an educational non-profit museum organization. This project is not an amusement park ride.  We feel it is important to educate the general public how important the railroad was to the development of this area. The original Tuckerton Railroad was the only county railroad in the State of New Jersey.

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